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Portrait Appointments Options for Use on Photo Composites

Portrait sittings in the UAHS BioCommunications photo studio are by appointment only. Contact BioCom at 626-7343 and ask to speak with the on-call photographer to make your appointment. You can choose to book a block of time when there are multiple individuals from a department, class or specialty who are to appear in a photo composite, or you can book time for an individual appointment. See details below.

Please provide a list of names of individuals to have their portraits taken at least 5 days prior appointment. Please send list as a Word .doc with names and titles exactly as you wish them to appear (Caps and lower case, all CAPS, with or without professional degrees). The photographer will use this to track all those who attend and he will let the photo composite coordinator know who was a no-show so that you can coordinate an additional appointment. Appointments that do NOT have a Composite Request Form submitted will be assumed cancelled.

Block of Time Appointments

This money saving option is for departments needing to schedule large groups of individuals photographed for their composite studio portraits. Rather than scheduling an individual portrait sitting, block(s) of studio time can be set up to quickly accommodate and photograph all the individuals in your group. Sessions set up this way are billed on a per person basis ($10/person*), therefore requiring a minimum of at least 6 people (average) per one hour block (though we can generally image 10-15 people per hour). In order to expedite the process, generally only 2-3 exposures are taken of each individual, from which BioCom will choose the most pleasing view to be used in your composite. For large groups (>15), multiple blocks of time, or appointments longer than one hour, can be set up on different days to help accommodate your group’s different schedules. Photos are archived at BioCom under the composite coordinators name and service request number for future retrieval.

Reshoots: In the event that someone in your group cannot make any of the scheduled ‘block(s)’ of time allotted, individual portrait reshoots can be scheduled based on our studio availability. These individual sittings will be billed as an individual portrait sitting, NOT the $10 group rate. Persons requesting a reshoot for vanity issues (e.g. had a bad hair day?), may also request an appointment for a reshoot, also billed at our individual portrait sitting rate. Due to the added costs, these reshoots must be approved by the composite coordinator! Depending on how many, and/or when the reshoots can be scheduled, please be aware this may cause a delay in the final output of your composite.

Individual Appointment

When it is not convenient to book a block of time or you have a small group, individual appointments can be scheduled. The portrait sitting is $41* and the individual will be photographed in 8-10 poses. An electronic proof sheet (.pdf) will be sent to the individual so that he/she may choose the view(s) to be used. Photos are archived at BioCom under the individuals name and service request number for future retrieval.

*Post processing time to prepare the photo for compositing, printing or electronic display is billed separately at $62/hour.

Photography Staff

Mitchell Masilun
Darcie Elliott