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Total Body Photography

Mapping your skin and moles

Our professional photography studio allows us to offer patient photography. Our accredited medical photographers specialize in photographically documenting a patient's body in a series of images for longitudinal studies of mole changes. We follow strict standards and protocols of total body photography for each photograph, digitally recording the sizes and locations of every mole, which are used as a baseline for future photographs of that patient. Please check with your physician to see if this service is appropriate for you. 

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The process of performing TOTAL BODY PHOTOGRAPHY (TBP) does not constitute a diagnosis, presence of disease, or detection of any change in skin condition.

The TBP process is conducted in a private, securely locked, photographic studio by a certified TBP photographer. You will be asked to disrobe in order to expose as much skin as possible, to achieve the greatest benefit during future examinations with your physician. When you arrive for your session, you will be provided an overview of the process and asked to sign a consent form agreeing to the terms and procedures of the Total Body Photography service.

The service includes a total of (3) CDs of your TBP images: one (1) will be provided to you and two (2) will be provided to your physican. Once the physician verifies receipt and quality of the images, BioCommunications will remove and reformat media used to capture the images, permanently deleting all files from the TBP session. No images are stored so please take the necessary steps to safeguard your CD. Payment is required in full prior to the imaging session and an invoice will be provided at the time of service. It is the participants sole responsibility to attempt insurance reimbursement.

Please note that BioCommunications is not a healthcare provider.