The University of Arizona


Photography Services

Our pictures are worth googol words

  • Patient documentation
  • Staff photos
  • Operating room photography
  • Hi-resolution research images
  • Outreach and marketing photography
  • Architectural photos

The Medical Photography Section at BioCommunications offers the UAHS community access to a full complement of professional photographic services. Our highly experienced and talented photographers handle everything from surgical medical photos to general illustrative photogrpahy for brochures, annual reports, and outreach campaigns.

If it’s a professional portrait you need, just call to make an appointment in our studio for a portrait sitting…we’ll make you look your best! So, whatever photographic need you may have, we are here to help, please call anytime for a consultation or appointment.


Service Team

Kris Hanning
Principal Photographer
(520) 626-0144
Rick Kopstein
(520) 626-0141
Mark Thaler
Photographer, Senior
(520) 626-0143