The University of Arizona

Creative Media Services for UA Health Sciences


UAHS BioCommunications is collaborating with colleges and research centers at the University of Arizona Health Sciences that are celebrating milestone anniversaries. A branding campaign featuring anniversary icons has been created to honor these institutions that – individually and collectively – are building a healthier Arizona. Every day. For everyone.


Mobile Responsive Website

Developing modern and dynamic websites that can be easily navigated on a variety of devices and platforms is what Biocom excels in.

Banners & Posters

Exhibits may include illustrations, photos, text, dimensional models, actual materials, or equipment. Exhibits can employ video presentations, computer-based presentations, or rear-screen slide projection.

Medical Photography

BioCom photographers are trained in the surgical suite protocol for photographing high resolution, intra-operative (and gross specimen) image
Medical Illustration

Medical Illustrations

Effective medical or scientific illustration is the result of a collaborative effort between the subject matter expert and the illustrator. Illustrations are especially useful for complex concepts.
PharmCats eNewsletter


These days it is critical to stay connected to the students, faculty and alumni of your college or department. You can do this easily with an eNewsletter and Biocom can help you.
Finger Anatomy

Anatomy Illustrations

Express your research with clear and detailed illustrations.