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Service Desk

Service Desk

Your personal advocate-adviser is waiting for you – and they're nice people

When you need assistance with media planning, production or support, BioCommunications is here to help. You are invited to stop by our office in the College of Medicine building, Room 3404 and place your order with our knowledgeable and friendly Service Desk staff or make an appointment to discuss your needs in detail with one of our professional designers, photographers or media specialists. You can also use our convenient online forms to submit items like posters or photo composite requests.

We can also offer assistance or answer questions over the phone at 520-626-7343
or via email at

Getting started

Since a service request is created for all transactions within BioCommunications, it's always a good idea to contact the Service Desk first. After determining your needs, we'll get your service request started. Please have a contact name and phone number, and an account number available when you call.

Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm M-F


BioCommunications accepts the following payment methods:

  • Cash or check
  • Most major credit cards
  • University of Arizona account (as found in UAccess Financials)
  • Banner University Medical Center Accounting Units (A.U.s)
    • Please note that there is a new approval process for using Banner A.U.s.  Click here for: Approval form
    • For additional information, view communication to Banner employees  
  • BioCommunications Allocation funding
    • Please note that allocation accounts represent BioCom internal resources that are provided to departments, colleges and centers.  The following services may be funded using the Allocation:
      • Classroom/student technical support
      • Podcasting-Panopto, webcasting
      • Internal communication support (zoom, videoconference support, A/V support)
      • Tech Consultation
      • Faculty meetings, administrative conferences, grand rounds
      • Website patches, security and maintenance

University Account Set-up

BioCommunications performs service billing through UAccess Financials at the end of each month. We need signed approvals on file for any accounts used. Many accounts are already established in our system and need no further action. If your account is not already in our system, we'll forward an Account Approval Form to your business office for completion. Once we receive the completed form, the account will be usable for future projects. Please call the Service Desk at 626-7343 or Denise Moynihan at 626-7061 if you have any questions about accounts or billing.

Denise Moynihan
Business Manager, Senior
(520) 626-7343
Jennifer Von Berg
Office Assistant
(520) 626-7343
Misty Blue
Office Assistant
(520) 626-7343