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Some parts of BioCommunications Temporarily Closed

-> We have temporarilty closed the Copy Technology Services (CTS) office, but CTS staff are accepting COVID19 Essential Orders - send email to
-> Our Photographers are working remotely, so poster printing services will be temporarily unavailable.
-> Please email to schedule future photography appointments.
-> For classroom support services, contact:
Ricky Bergeron
Barry Bernard
-> For web services and graphic design, contact:
Alex Lyon (web and graphic design)
Edgar Mendoza (graphic design)

AV Services

Audio Visual Services

AV Equipment: We know it, we loan it, we spec it, we support it

  • Show you how to use the classrooms presenters' desks
  • Loan you a laptop for a presentation
  • Set up telephone conferencing equipment for your meeting
  • Design, spec, and install media technology for your department's new conference room
  • Provide comprehensive media support for that national conference you're hosting

Media Technical Services ("MTS" or "Media Tech") provides technology support services for classes and events throughout the Arizona Health Sciences Center. Professional staff offer consultation in setup and operation of audio systems, computers, projectors, and other audiovisual equipment. Our experts can also help design, install and support media solutions for new facilities.

Trust us. These are the people you want in charge of your media needs for high-stakes presentations. They're Best of Show.

If you want a little more detail about the types of services they provide, click the menu items on the left side.

Service Team

Barry Bernard
Information Technology Manager, Senior, Manager, Media Technical Services
(520) 626-2110
Bruce Caffrey
Information Technology Support Center Specialist
(520) 626-7343
Jeffrey Homoki
Information Technology Support Center Specialist
(520) 626-0150
Denise Leahy
Information Technology Support Center Specialist
(520) 626-0150
Lyndia Paggeot
Information Technology Support Center Specialist
(520) 626-7343
Gilberto Vega
Information Technology Support Center Specialist
(520) 626-0148