The University of Arizona

Website Analytics and Goals

We use Google Analytics to track website traffic and use. Here are some ways that information can be useful.

Start by asking yourself:

  • What do I want the website to accomplish?
  • What Google Analytics data can be used to tell if these goals are being met?
  • If my goals are *not* being met, how might I change the website to change that outcome?


What do you want your website to accomplish? Perhaps it is enough for you to have a web presence. But perhaps you are also interested in accomplishing specific goals, such as:

  • Online info/support: Provide users with contact information, contact forms, upcoming events, news and information about your unit or department, a list of your faculty.
  • Outreach: Invite people to events, training, support groups.
  • Branding and Engagement: Drive awareness, engagement, and loyalty. Encourage frequent visitation, or longer visits.
  • Education: Provide educational materials to help consumers navigate complex health issues.
  • Recruitment: Recruit new residents, students, study participants, faculty.


Who is your audience? You may have several distinct audience groups -- students, faculty, patients, general public. Each group may be seeking different content, and you may have different goals for different groups. Is your audience primarily from within your department, or from the outside?

Tracking Actions

Using Google Analytics, we can track specific actions that users take on your website:

  • Webform submissions.
  • Sign ups for newsletter or an email list.
  • Downloads of a pdf.
  • Clicks on a "Donate Now" button.
  • Viewing a Video.

If you would like direct online access to your Google Analytics data, please contact the BioCom Web Development Team and provide us with an email address that is linked to a Google account. (For example, if you have a gmail address, that is linked to your Google account.)