The University of Arizona

Video Production

Video Production

Professionally-produced video adds to your credibility – what's the down side?

  • 10-minute promotional video for your department
  • Studio-based video message to a national conference
  • Video streaming of UAHS classes
  • Non-linear video editing 
  • Script consultation and writing

As the role of video has become more central to communication with the public, staff and faculty, professionally produced video programming is no longer a luxury. It's an important tool in your communication toolkit. Video is used throughout the health sciences curricula, within independent learning modules used for instruction, for public viewing on department websites and on social media outlets. 

Ricky Bergeron
Director, BioCommunications
(520) 626-0129
Gilberto Vega
Producer and Videographer
(818) 424-9363
Gilbert Rodriguez
Broadcast Engineer, Senior
(520) 626-0123

Video Clips