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Some parts of BioCommunications Temporarily Closed; others reopening

-> Our Photographers are working remotely, but will be taking appointments for portraits starting July 14th. Please email to schedule future photography appointments.
-> For Video production services, please contact Gilberto Vega (
-> Poster printing services will resume the week of June 1, 2020 but staff will be available to print posters on Tuesdays and Thursdays only, so please plan and submit accordingly. The poster request form can be found at
-> For classroom support services, contact:
     Ricky Bergeron
     Barry Bernard
-> For web services and graphic design, contact:
     Alex Lyon (web and graphic design)
     Edgar Mendoza (graphic design)

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Better living (and less travel) through electrons

  • Small group interview with candidates
  • Remote lecture to students
  • Presentation origination for international conference presentation

We support several methods (Internet Protocol, satellite, microwave, cable, webcasting, telephone) of conferencing with remote sites. And distance is not a concern. We collaborate with the Arizona Telemedicine Program to connect to any site in the world that has videoconferencing capabilities, including Europe, Australia, and South America to name a few. 

We'll handle almost everything: finding a room*, arranging tests with remote sites, notifying operators and sending you a confirmation.  We also offer consultation in presentation design and will see that your conference uses the best technology available!

Before you request an appointment, please check online for system availability.  

To initiate a conference request, complete the form available by clicking the link below.

Request Video Conferencing

* Rooms available for videoconferencing within the Arizona Health Sciences Center include 3230, 2603, 5403, 8403, Kiewit, Nursing 470, DuVal Auditorium, AZCC 2920.

Video Conference Rooms

  • TV Studio (BioCom) 2603
  • College of Nursing 470
  • DuVal Auditorium 2600
  • Drachman Bridge 326
  • Drachman Bridge 324
  • Drachman Bridge 274
  • College of Medicine 8403
  • College of Medicine 3230
  • College of Medicine 5403
  • College of Medicine 2216
  • Cancer Center Kiewit Auditorium
  • AHSC Library 2141
  • Cancer Center 2920

Service Team

Ricky Bergeron
Director, Biocommunications
(520) 626-0129
Barry Bernard
Information Technology Manager, Senior, Manager, Media Technical Services
(520) 626-2110
Gilbert Rodriguez
Broadcast Engineer, Senior
(520) 626-0123
Gilberto Vega
Producer and Videographer
(520) 626-0148