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Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

Better living (and less travel) through electrons

  • Small group interview with candidates
  • Remote lecture to students
  • Presentation origination for international conference presentation

We support several methods (Internet Protocol, satellite, microwave, cable, webcasting, telephone) of conferencing with remote sites. And distance is not a concern. We collaborate with the Arizona Telemedicine Program to connect to any site in the world that has videoconferencing capabilities, including Europe, Australia, and South America to name a few. 

We'll handle almost everything: finding a room*, arranging tests with remote sites, notifying operators and sending you a confirmation.  We also offer consultation in presentation design and will see that your conference uses the best technology available!

Before you request an appointment, please check online for system availability.  

To initiate a conference request, complete the form available by clicking the link below.

Request Video Conferencing

* Rooms available for videoconferencing within the Arizona Health Sciences Center include 3230, 2603, 5403, 8403, Kiewit, Nursing 470, AZCC 2920.

Video Conference Rooms

  • TV Studio (BioCom) 2603
  • College of Nursing 470
  • Drachman Bridge 326
  • Drachman Bridge 324
  • Drachman Bridge 274
  • College of Medicine 8403
  • College of Medicine 3230
  • College of Medicine 5403
  • College of Medicine 2216
  • Cancer Center Kiewit Auditorium
  • AHSC Library 2141
  • Cancer Center 2920
Ricky Bergeron
Director, BioCommunications
(520) 626-0129
Gilberto Vega
Producer and Videographer
(818) 424-9363
Gilbert Rodriguez
Broadcast Engineer, Senior
(520) 626-0123
Barry Bernard
Information Technology Manager, Senior, Manager, Media Technical Services
(520) 626-2110