The University of Arizona

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

  • Full-color annual reports
  • Marketing and printed collateral
  • Anatomic illustrations
  • Animations for the web or video program
  • Professional posters
  • Polished presentation slides

Our team of designers offers professional expertise in the creation and production of virtually any project that requires text and images. From the simplest black-and-white line drawing or text document to the most complex full-color presentation of information, we work with you to ensure the most effective means of visual communication while meeting your budget, branding standards and time constraints.


  • Finger Anatomy
  • Tech Park  I-Corps flyer
  • Medical Illustration

Service Team

Debra Bowles
Graphic Designer, Senior
(520) 626-5642
Paul J Fini
Web Site Designer/Developer, Senior
(520) 626-0139
Darla L Keneston
Graphic Design Supervisor
(520) 626-0136
Steve Tkachyk
Graphic Designer, Senior
(520) 626-0135