The University of Arizona

Copy/Print Services

Copying Services

Bring it to us and we’ll clone it – or at least make a nice copy

Book & Journal Copying

We can copy journals and books for research purposes.

Fast, High Volume Copying

Need 1,000 copies of a 400 page document? Not a problem. We always aim for a 24-hour turnaround and we usually do better than that.

Full-Color Copies

Our prices are lower than you’re likely to find anywhere else because we’re a not-for-profit organization within the University of Arizona Health Sciences.

Double-Sided Copies

Need to go from 2-sided to 1-sided? 1-sided to 2-sided? 2-sided to 2-sided? Not a problem. Bring it in.

Signature Copies (Booklet, Calendar, and Pamphlet)

Think of those special items you’ve never needed before, but now you’re supposed to create a booklet, a calendar, a full-color pamphlet, a bound edition of a dissertation. We probably offer the publication services you need, so check with us first.