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If you had told me 10 years ago ...

In case you haven't noticed, our lives are available 24/7 through home computers. We provide a streaming video service that allows for encoding in several formats.

Streaming video is different than downloading (or progressively downloaded) videos in that our server sends just portions of a video currently being watched. That means the user can jump ahead to the end of a program and continue watching the video instead of waiting for a complete download. It's not a facility that most health centers enjoy.

Video streaming also allows us to broadcast live events over the internet. We archive most live events for later playback, if you're not available. Through our streaming library, community and rural health care providers can access the latest information and virtually attend Grand Rounds. Audiences can be expanded to anywhere in the world!

We also support remote live events such as twice-a-year convocations from Centennial Hall for Medicine and Pharmacy, as well as the College of Medicine's White Coat Ceremony. It's a nice feature to be able to have relatives watch graduation from distant cities!

UAHS Streaming Programing