The University of Arizona

Graphic Design

Exhibit and Poster Design

Be the star of your conference exhibit space (free dinner maybe)

Exhibits & Displays

Exhibits may include illustrations, photos, text, dimensional models, actual materials, or equipment. We can also incorporate video presentations, computer-based presentations, or rear-screen slide projection. We offer complete planning, design, preparation and assembly services for both simple and complex exhibits.

Poster Sessions

If you have your poster already prepared and just need another set of eyes for review prior to printing, we will be glad to assist. If you would like one of our experienced design professionals to create a one-of-a-kind, eye-catching poster, we are at the ready. We can create or revise charts, graphics and conceptual diagrams – items that create visual interest and highlight important information.

If your college or department would like to have a template created to unify the look of posters from your unit, we can prepare a poster template for your use.

Call or e-mail us to arrange a no-cost meeting to discuss your exhibit or poster needs.


  • Tech Park  I-Corps flyer
  • Table runner for event