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Please don't make us call the branding police - makes us feel bad

The University of Arizona Health Sciences Style Guide is an excellent resource that addresses frequently asked questions regarding editorial style and branding standards of the University of Arizona Health Sciences. This living document is updated periodically and posted online for your convenience.


The strategic evolution of the UA’s identity mark system is underway. New logos are being created for all colleges, departments, centers, and many related units. The primary objective for the unified and cohesive brand architecture system is to help standardize application of the UA brand identity. To that end, many legacy unit-specific marks will be retired, and the creation of new logos that may compete with the graphic prominence of the block A or confuse onlookers will require a strong business case justification and approval by University Relations.

Need a logo?

If you need a logo for an UAHS-related entity, please contact us. BioCommunications can guide you in the appropriate logo choice for your communication. In the near future, University Relations will provide campus users with an online resource for downloading logos.


For an overview of The University of Arizona’s branding guidelines, please visit The University of Arizona Brand website: (formerly called Redbar Cafe).


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