The University of Arizona


Total Body Photography, $250


The University of Arizona BioCommunications photographers, certified by the nationwide BioCommunications Association, specialize in photographically documenting a patient's body in a series of images for longitudinal studies of mole changes. We follow strict standards and protocols of total body photography for each photograph, digitally recording the sizes and locations of every mole, which are used as a baseline for future photographs of that patient. Please check with your dermatologist to see if this service is appropriate for you. We are located in the College of Medicine-Tucson on the University of Arizona campus. Sessions are by appointment only and are open to all patients from all medical practices.


The process of performing TOTAL BODY PHOTOGRAPHY (TBP) does not constitute a diagnosis, presence of disease, or detection of any change in skin condition.


The TBP process is conducted in a private, securely locked, photographic studio by a certified TBP photographer that is the same gender as the patient.  The patient will be given a cloth hospital gown to put on to wear from the dressing room inside the private studio to our photography setup. Once positioned, the patient will be asked to lower sections of the gown to expose skin for photographing. Some patients feel comfortable to remove the robe completely, which does make the process go faster, while others prefer the gradual, more modest skin reveal. We work within the patient’s comfort level. We do not recommend leaving on under garments because they do cover skin that might have moles or other spots currently or areas that may develop in the future. These are your photographic records and we only photograph to the patient’s comfort level.
When you arrive for your session, you will be provided an overview of the process and asked to sign a consent form agreeing to the terms and procedures of the Total Body Photography service.
The session takes about 90min from check-in to when you are set to leave.
The session includes a total of (2) CDs of your TBP images and (1) USB drive: one (1) USB drive will be provided to you for your records and two (2) CD’s will be provided for you to give to your physician. Both CD’s and USB drives are password protected. Images are never stored on any network or hard drive connected to the internet. We archive patient images for 1 year on an encrypted external hard drive unless requested by the patient to delete immediately upon delivery.  Images are available for pick up in the BioCommunications office or may be mailed via Fed-Ex with a signature required by patient request.
The cost of the session is $250, due at your appointment and can be paid with cash, check or credit. An invoice/receipt is provided. It is recommended that you contact your insurance provider and/or Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account provider prior to your appointment to determine reimbursement for this ‘non-medical’ service. Reference the CPT code 96994 “Whole body Integumentary Photography”. We cannot accept HSA/FSA cards.

Please note that UAHS BioCommunications is not a healthcare provider.