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Photo Composite Request

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Step 1Contact a BioCommunications photographer to schedule an appointment for portraits to be taken, 626-7343. View the Portrait Appointment Options for more information.

Step 2Complete the Photo Composite Request Form. To initiate a service request, email the form to ops@biocom.arizona.eduThis form and a complete list of names of individuals to have their portraits taken must be returned to BioCom at least 5 days prior to the appointment. Please send the list as a Word .doc with names and titles exactly as you wish them to appear (Caps and lower case, all CAPS, with or without professional degrees).

Step 3 → If you are updating an existing photo composite, please mark changes on the previous years' photo composite and provide it to the graphic designer, Edgar Mendoza. If this is a new composite, please contact the graphic designer to discuss your needs. All names and titles for composites should be provided electronically.

For any questions please call 626-7343 or email

Photo Composite Request PDF Form

For individual portraits, not in the composite.

Visit the Portrait Request Page