The University of Arizona

Finding Content

There are different ways to find content on your site that may not be part of the menu structure.  This might include Events, News items, and Story Slides.

One of the best ways to review this content is to use the Content Overview Page.

To access the Content Overview Page, click the Content tab Admin Navigation Menu at the top of the web-page.

This will take you to the Content Overview Page.

The Content Overview Page displays all of the node content on the site.

You may have hundreds or even thousands of pages of content but you can begin to filter through that content by using the "Show Only Items Where" filter option.

Select the type of content you want to search for from the dropdown menu and then click Filter. The Content Overview Page will now display only the nodes of the content type you selected.

From the display that comes up, you can select to view or edit any of the nodes of that content type.

To search for a new content type click the Reset button to clear the filter and begin again.