The University of Arizona

Images and Files

How to insert images and files into your page.


You need to upload either an image through the Image Field or a file via the Files field first.

*HINT: Remember to resize your image BEFORE you upload it. There is no sizing option for images within this system.

Once you have uploaded those files you can insert them into the body of the event description.

For images, place the cursor where you want the image to appear. 

Scroll down to the Image Field and click Insert.

Your image will appear in the Event Description.

You may want to 'float' the image to the right or left side of the display and have the text wrap around the image. To do that, just highlight the image by clicking on JUST the image that you placed into the body. From the Styles dropdown select either "Image on Right" or "Image on Left". Usually floating the image on the Right works best.


For Files, place the cursor where you want the file to appear or highlight the text that you want to link to the file. 

Scroll down to the File Field and click Insert. Be Sure that you have the Description field filled out if you want that text to appear as a link.

Your file will now be linked in the Event Description.