The University of Arizona

UA QuickStart Drupal Theme

The University of Arizona has created a branded custom theme for use on UA websites called UA Quickstart.  Biocom is adopting this theme for use on many new UAHS websites.

The goal of UA Quickstart was to create a UA branded website with as much flexibility as possible to present your message and content to your visitors. That flexibility comes with some additional complexity. Below are some steps that should help you with your content.

Flexible page

Flexible pages gives you a lot of flexibility on how content on a page is layed out. This is done though 'paragraph' item. A full list of paragaph items and their usage can be found here.

When creating a Flexible page, there are 4 steps to go though.

To create a new Flexible Page

  1. Click Shortcut

  2. Then click Add Content

  3. Then click Flexible Page. This will create a blank flexible page for you to work on.

  4. Add your title in the Title Field

  5. Then under, main content you can select your 'paragraph' options to fill out your page. For example, click Add Text Area. This will create a text field where you can enter the text content for the page.

At this stage, you may want to click Save because there are 3 more steps and you don’t want to lose any work by mistake.


Summary Fields

The summary fields are used to create the teaser that appears on the resource landing page and other ‘teaser’ blocks on the site.

  1. In the left column, click Summary Fields

  2. Under photo you will add the matching ‘thumbnail’ image by clicking Browse and uploading the new image.

  3.  In the Summary field, you will add a brief sentence description


  1. Next, click Categorization

  2. Check the page type category that this page belongs to.  Biocom will have created a list of page types to select from.


  1. Finally, click Menu Settings

  2. Check the box that says Provide a menu link

  3. By default, a menu link title will appear matching your page title.  You can change the Menu link title to whatever you want or keep it the same.

  4. Under Parent item, in the dropdown, select the parent this page belongs to.

Click SAVE

Adding Videos to your Quickstart site

To start with, you will need the URL of your Vimeo or YouTube video, in the form

AND you will need a cover image for the video (a static image file to represent the video). You can create a cover image by navigating to the video, taking a screen shot, and cropping and resizing the screen shot.

1. In the rich text toolbar of a Body field, click the File icon. The video isn't a file, but this is where you start.

2. Under "File" click "Browse"

3. Switch from the Upload tab to the Web tab.

4. Put the URL of the video in the "File URL or media resource" box and click "Next"
The file name of the video will be populated automatically.

5. Under "Poster Image" browse to the cover image you created, and upload it.

6. Click "Save"

7. Now, in the far lower right of the dialog box, click "Next"

8. Select a size (Large may be too large, I would use something below that) and an alignment, and click "Embed"

9. Save the page.