The University of Arizona


If Profiles are imported from the College of Medicine - Tucson website, then you will need to have an account on that site, log in there, and edit your Profiles there. If you edit fields locally, they will be overwritten the next time the importer runs.

If your Profiles are not connected to a feed from the College of Medicine, then you can and should create and edit all Profiles locally.

When Profiles are imported from COM-T, what gets imported is: People whose primary affiliation is faculty or staff (not student), whose employment status is Active, and whose primary department is this department. You may have people who do not meet these criteria, and so do not show up in the feed from COM-T, but you would like them in your Directory anyway (e.g., joint appointment people whose primary department is not this one). You can add such people to your Directory by manually creating them here using Create content -> Profile.

On the COM-T site, fields labeled "Official" are imported from main campus employee databases (UAccess). To change one of these "official" fields, your Department Representative must log in to UAccess Employee - Manager Self Service. For more information see the relevant page on the UA Phonebook website.

If the contents of "Official" fields are not acceptable, and you do not have the ability to change them in UAccess Employee, then you can use the "Preferred" fields. In all displays, "Preferred" values are shown, unless they are empty, in which case "Official" fields are shown.

BioCom can also add fields to your Profile conent type that are not connected to a feed. An example of this might be checkboxes for linking faculty to your department's research units. There is a local field for "Profile Type" (faculty, staff, etc.). You may want to change these values based on how you want to subdivide your Directory. Imported Profiles will not have the value of this field set, so if you want to use it, you will have to edit each Profile to set it. BioCom can set up a bulk editing page to speed this up, if need be.