The University of Arizona

Publications and Biblio

If your website has the Biblio module installed, it is easy to add Publications:

You can add a publication and assign Faculty member as an author. That publication will then appear on that person(s) profile page.

Go to Content >> Create Content >> Biblio

If the publication is in PubMed, just enter the pub med id.  Click Populate using PubMed.  The publication will be imported.  Connect it to the author(s) in the checkbox list of faculty members under Profile link. Click Save.

*NOTE: Even though Biblio imports the authors, you still need to select authors under Profile Link for the publication to appear on that person's profile page.

If there is a large number of publications with PubMed IDs that need to be imported, contact BioCom about doing a bulk import. We can set that up for you, if you provide us with a spreadsheet or text list of the PubMed IDs.

If the publication is NOT in PubMed, then you have to enter the information manually. However, you don’t have fill out all of the fields, only the important ones. A good bet would be at least: Authors, Abstract, Publication, Identifiers, Locators and then the local Profile link.

Without Biblio, there are several possibilities:

1. There can be a large text area field on a person's profile page, and a list of publications can be entered there.

2. You can provide a link to a PubMed query for that author.

3. You can link to a separate page on the website that holds publications (either for one person or for everyone in the department).